Badanamu STEAM

An integrated 3-year PreK to kindergarten program designed to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics through the world of Badanamu.

Curriculum Framework


Life Science 1

• Structure and processes

• Heredity

• Interdependent relationships in ecosystems

• Evolution


• Sets

• Number sets

• Counting

Engineering, Technology & Art

• Problem solving

• Planning

• Creative thinking

• Digital literacy

• Active play


Physical Science

• Matter

• Motion & stability

• Waves (sounds)


• Number operations

• Patterns

• Measurement

Engineering, Technology & Art

• Inquiry & problem solving

• Imagination

• Planning & creating

• Experimenting

• Creative thinking

• Digital literacy

• Active play


Earth Space Science

• Outer Space

• Earth’s systems

• Earth & human activity


• Data analysis

• Spatial relationships

• Shapes

Engineering, Technology & Art

• Inquiry and defining problems

• Constructing explanations and designing solutions

• Planning & carrying out investigations

• Data analysis & interpretation

• Creative thinking

• Digital literacy

• Active play

Scope and Sequence

The Badanamu STEAM curriculum combines the core subjects of STEAM while engaging students in whole-child learning and developing their oral language skills.

• Three core science disciplines: life science, physical science, and earth/space science

• Developmentally-appropriate mathematics

• Meaningful projects that combine all STEAM subjects

• Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, Nurturing Early Learning (NEL), and Common Core State Standards

• Adapted from the Erikson Institute Early Math Collaborative


Each level of the multi-year curriculum includes all the materials needed for fully remote, blended, offline, and independent-study lessons.

Interactive 3D Animations

Engaging animations put the users in the driver’s seat to drive the narrative.

2D review lessons

Instructive lesson reviews go over all the main learning objectives.


Educational songs to get learners moving.


Fun and exciting narratives combine core learning objectives with a layer of social-emotional learning.

Interactive Activities

Reinforce learning objectives with H5P activities.

Home fun materials

• Self-study digital lessons help reinforce learning at home.

• Digital applications for enrichment and reinforcement.

Lesson Guides

Detailed guides help teachers get the most out of their learners.

Sample Unit Structure



Interactive animations provide the perfect starting point to learn science content.



Learners explore new mathematical concepts utilizing content from the science lesson.


STEAM Skills

Reinforce core skills via a project that targets all STEAM areas.



Summarize and review what students have learned.


Booster Lesson

Supplement learning with additional content.


Stepping Stones Lessons

Bonus lessons are included for language learners or those that need a little extra help.

Learning Content

Our STEAM-related learning content brands offer premium interactive TV series that allow learners to explore the different disciplines of life, physical, and earth space sciences.

Discover the wonderful world of animals!​

Join Bada and his friends as they engage in a scientific adventure at Badanamu Zoo. ​

Cook up some fun with Bada and his friends!​

Find out what’s cooking in Bada’s kitchen as he and his friends explore everything from matter to energy. ​

Explore the furthest regions of the cosmos!​

Let your imagination run wild as Bada and his space friends find out what makes the world - and the universe - go round. ​

Badanamu STEAM™ App

What is the Badanamu STEAM™ App?​

The Badanamu STEAM™ App is an integrated supplement to the STEAM curriculum available on KidsLoop. It utilizes maximally-engaging content for young learners to reinforce learning from the STEAM curriculum.

Key Features

• Full STEAM curriculum spanning 3 years

• Interactive learning activities to drive learner engagement

• Fun 3D interactive videos and 2D review videos

• Learning summary based on completion progress

Parents and students can download our app today!


*coming soon


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